Re: Manu's thoughts

On 2002.02.25 05:18 Emmanuel wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> here are one or two thoughts I want to share with everybody 
> contributing to balsa on how we should do the port to gnome-2.0.

Thanks for offering them!

> Please comment, remark... Be patient for my requests, my costlt 
> dialup connection does not allow me to be on-line frequently :(
> OK here I go (you can IMHO at the beginning of each of the following 
> sentences ;-)


> To optimize our effort I think that we should focus the port effort 
> on necessary changes (here I mean what is needed to at least compile) 
> first,

Agreed--specifically, to compile without -DGTK_ENABLE_BROKEN (see

> then actual improvments (here I think of clist/ctree to 
> TreeModel/TreeView changes to, hopefully, get rid of eg the as famous 
> as nasty "last line bug" ;-) ) and , then we should take care of 
> deprecated functions/objects/whatever.

Again, agreed--compiling with -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED should be the 
ultimate goal, with the nastiest problems getting highest priority.

> for the harder parts (I mean here the more complex objects or source 
> files) we should perhaps take the time to discuss what they should 
> become : ie see what is their actual aims (because after several 
> years of fine tweaking, brute force hacking, things can get a bit 
> obscure to non-gurus ;-), and then agree on the API needed to achieve 
> these goals. Here I think, for example, about balsa-index : it is a 
> bit complex and moreover I think that if we port it, let's make it 
> more flexible to allow an easy coding of "virtual folder".

I hope your comments provoke some discussion about aims and APIs--the 
list has shown that many good ideas are taking shape. 

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