Re: Suggestions to Balsa


On 2002.02.09 22:19 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.02.09 22:31 Josť Fonseca wrote:
>> The other is in the "New message" composition dialog. Pressing Ctrl+S 
>> here shouldn't send the message because the majority of email programs 
>> and text editors in general use Ctrl+S to save, and between an 
>> accidental Send and Save, a Send has worse consequences (quite often 
>> irreversible) while Save
>> is harmless. (I already had to send several emails starting as "Sorry 
>> for the duplicate but I accidentally hitted the Send button..." )
>> These are the immediate suggestions I have to give. They affect the 
>> normal use of the program and are easy to fix.
> Which shortcut (if any) would you suggest then?

I confess I'm more used to click on the send button. I do have the nasty 
habit of hitting Ctrl-S quite often in any text application (it begun when 
I used MS Word which crashed every now and then ;-) .

I don't know if, e.g., Alt-S would break usability since shortcuts are 
usually Ctrl-?, while Alt-? is reserved for menus. In alternative Ctrl-E, 

> Thanks for the feedback, it is very valuable.
> -pawel

I'm glad to be of some help.


Josť Fonseca

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