Packaging Balsa 1.4 or 2.0 for Debian GNU/Linux

G'day everyone,
	I'm a package maintainer with the Debian GNU/Linux project [1]
and I've recently volunteered to step in for Jules Bean
<> for the time being who last packaged Balsa 1.2 for
our distribution. Jules has also agreed to any non-maintainer uploads
(NMUs) I may make.
	Recently, the Balsa package has been left neglected and as of
today has 37 bug reports still open against it on the Debian bug
tracking system [2] and 1.2.4-2.1 [3] is stil the latest version
available in Debian.
	My question for the mailing list, is what direction should I
take in bringing Balsa back up to date in Debian. GNOME 2.0 is now the
default GNOME distribution in unstable, so I will be packaging Balsa
2.0.3 in one form or another.
	Jules has suggseted that I should ignore 1.4 altogether and
have 2.0.3 replace the 1.2 .debs. However, I have some doubts as to
whether 2.0 can successfully convert any preexisting 1.2
configurations. If there are, I would most likely introduce a balsa2
package into Debian and keep the balsa package in line with 1.4
	So what would you guys like seen done with the Balsa Debian
GNU/Linux packages? Have both balsa and balsa2 debs for the time being
in the distribution or have a single balsa package now?

Yours sincerely,
Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau


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