Re: Per mailbox identity patch

Am 2002.04.10 14:11 schrieb(en) Brian Stafford:
> Hi all,
> I've done half a patch for setting a per mailbox default identity fro use 
> when replying to messages.  Half a patch because its only the basic 
> mechanism and no UI changes.  I've tested it by manually editing 
> ~/.gnome/balsa, so far it works OK for me.

First of all: Thanks to Brian, a really useful patch!

It works as expected, but I usually have 20Mailboxes, and all are nested in 
a nice Tree.
I just let procmail filter everything in the right place...

If I now want to specify a default identity I have to create something like 


But now this MBox appears as Balsa in the maintree and as balsa in the 
Consequently Balsa uses the set default-identity and balsa not...

So my question:
How can I profit of Brian's patch AND still use the TreeView?


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