Re: Commas and semicolons in the From field of messages.

On 2002.04.02 01:06 Rikke D. Giles wrote:
> On 2002.04.01 21:45 Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
>> X-Mailing-List should not be treated as an addr-spec field. It can
>> contain anything so long as it describes the mailing list that it
>> comes
>> from (there is no defined format).
>> Jeff
> Woo, my bad then.  Maybe this is a balsa problem?
> Rikke

Maybe...Balsa looks first for the List-post header defined by RFC 2369, 
and, only if there is none, falls back to X-beenthere or 
X-mailing-list. I've never used it in a case where the fallback was 
used--evidently it's not without its problems. The Balsa code could be 
simplified a little by omitting it--see set_list_post_address in 
src/sendmsg-window.c. Any other opinions?


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