Re: RFC 2646 format=flowed

On 2001.09.26 04:50 Toralf Lund wrote:


>Anyhow, I still think the Balsa should do something in the direction 
>of supporting indented blocks, and also bulleted/numbered lists. 
>Actually, this functionality is the only thing I really miss in the 
>message editor, after switching from an MUA with HTML support.
>- Toralf

I feel that lack, too.  OK, my *other* MUA is NS-Messenger, and I often 
avail myself of those toolbar buttons for bulleting, numbering, 
indenting, etc.  We could add some similar capability to the 
send-message window; if the resulting lines/paragraphs were made 
`fixed' but wrapped to a short line length, they would at least look 
reasonable to any recipient.  If some future enhancement of text/plain 
allowed such paragraphs to be reflowed, we could implement it.

Since, like it or not, the rest of the world seems to be moving that 
way: would it be heresy to think about an html mail composer for Balsa?


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