Re: Forwarding attachments

On 2001.09.17 10:50 Albrecht Dre▀ wrote:
> Sorry, I was out for a week, so my reply is really late...
> Am 11.09.2001 17:16:15 schrieb(en) Brian Stafford:
> [snip]
> > Recap: three ways to forward a message have been mentioned to date
> > 	1) RFC 2822 resend.  Original message is sent to new
> recipients.
> > 	   Message is not altered, has same message-id and to/cc/bcc
> headers
> > 	   New recipient list is added to resent-to/cc/bcc headers and
> > resender
> > 	   is in resent-from header.  Effect is the mostly same as if
> > message
> > 	   had been originally delivered to the resent recipients.
> > 
> > 	2) Attach original message as message/rfc822.  This allows some
> > commentary
> >            to be added by the forwarder but also guarantees the new
> > recipients
> > 	   a verbatim copy of the message.  The composite message is a
> new
> > message
> > 	   with a new message-id.
> > 
> > 	3) Cut and paste bits of the original into a new message.  This
> is
> > 	   all that balsa does now.
> Up to now, I wrote a patch which implements method #2. It is still
> experimental and *not* meant to go into 1.2. When forwarding a message,
> you
> will *only* see a single attachment of type message/rfc822 in the new
> message.
> Of couse, you could remove this, but that does not make sense... There is
> no
> way whatsoever to make any changes to the forwarded message, neither to a
> text
> part or to the attachments. However, it is possible to add more
> attachments.
> Note that upon *reception* (or in the sentbox) balsa shows all parts of
> the
> forwarded message instead of a single "message/rfc822" attachment. Thus
> the
> internal structure "tree" of the message is not visualized, which I think
> could be improved (Maybe something like "View mail structure" similar to
> "View
> source"). Anyway, I hope this approach complies to RFC 2046...
> However, I plan to make two menu entries named e.g. "forward attached"
> and
> "forward quoted" (stolen from Nutscrape...), where the latter option uses
> the
> current method #3 (quoting any text parts, ignoring anything else). 
Sounds good.
> I agree
> that heavy editing of a received message (IMHO this includes removing of
> attachments) is more composing a new message than forwarding.
Me to.

What I would also like to see, though, is what Netscape calls "Edit Message
as New". That's almost like "Continue" in Balsa (or the way continue is
meant to work, anyway, I think the current version looses attachments), but
it works on any message, not just the ones in the draft folder.

- Toralf

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