Re: 1.2Pre3 - Can't open mailbox error

On 2001.08.31 23:14 Kurt Guenther wrote:
> I keep getting the following error: 
>     Fatal error!  Could not reopen mail box.

I get this too - EVERY time Balsa polls the POP3 server.

> It looks like mail from my pop3 keeps getting downloaded and
> redownloaded, so I'm getting quite a few duplicate messages.  I
> didn't see this with "pre2".

I don't see this, though...

This is a bit of a nasty error - I can see it is in progress in
Bugzilla. Really needs to be resolved before 1.2 moves out of the
"pre" stage, IMO. FWIW, this only started to happen with pre3 on
my system.

Andy Piper - Fareham, Hampshire (UK) - ICQ #86489434

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