Three items

Hi folks,

First I have to thank you! 1.2.1 is the best Balsa ever and I couldn't live without it.

Actually there are only three items annoying me which are not real bugs but unbehaves:

1.) I got the impression that the separate thread in which Balsa opens a mailbox (~2 MB) is not separate as when switching to another virtual desktop or moving the Balsa window, all GTK Widgets vanish and won't reappear until the mailbox is finally opened. If you don't move the window when opening a large mailbox you can see that the progressbar simply stops, i.e. is no longer updated.

2.) When opening a large (~2-3 MB) mailbox one entry of the mailbox list (on the left) disappears and won't reappear until the large mailbox is opened.

3.) When moving a new, just read mail from my inbox to my misc mailbox and restarting Balsa, misc is marked as "contains new mail". When opening misc there is, of course, no new unread mail.

Of course, these are minor unbehaves, you can live with. But maybe somebody knows those or even how to solve them.

Michael Duelli

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