Re: retrieving email ?

Em Qua, 24 Out 2001 20:34:33 Mike McCue escreveu:

> so is the mailbox 'file' a special file ?  I'm assuming then your using 
> /var/spool/mail/galaxy for your mailbox file, if so, is it something that's 
> already there, or will it be created if it doesn't exist ?  (I really can't 
> wait to get home to try this...<G>)

it should be a regular file (mbox format). balsa can also use Maildir and
MH mailboxes (which are directories with special stuff). in my previous
example i used a mbox to keep simple as offhand (urgh. senility setting in.
i wrote that code :)) i'd say balsa creates a mbox folder from the initial
config druid but not a mh/maildir folder (as they are ambiguous).

you can always reassign the "special" folders later.

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