Praise and questions for 1.2.1

Just downloaded, built and installed 1.2.1 - excellent! I quite 
like the new icons, and the threading / collapsed sections are 
much improved. Oh, and THANK YOU for adding a toolbar button for 
Reply to Group. Well done, everyone!

Can someone please tell me the purpose of the Draftbox? I can 
Postpone the sending of a message (say, if I don't have time to 
finish a long e-mail, or a reply), and the message will end up 
there. However, if I reopen that message by double-clicking, 
there doesn't seem to be any easy way of continuing to edit it 
before sending. Am I missing something obvious?

(NB since the help doesn't build on RH7.1 systems due to fact 
that no-one has applied the GDP fix for docbook/xml tools etc., 
I can't check whether this is covered in the manual)
Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK) - ICQ #86489434

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