balsa for RedHat 6.2

I asked this on the list a short while back and got a helpful reply, 
unfortunately I can't contact the repsonder, so I'll ask again.

I'm running RedHat 6.2 and looking for a new mailreader (since Kmail 
1.0.29 bit the dust with the Billennium Bug)...

I tried installing the latest Balsa but it brings up a whole string 
of failed dependencies.   I'd be willing to try downloading all 
the widgets or libs or etc and installing them but I'm not sure 
whether that might not screw something else up.

Can anyone tell me - 
will the latest Balsa work with RH6.2?   (If of course I 
install all the necessary libs etc).

If not, is there anywhere I can get hold of an earlier distribution 
(preferably in RPM) that will?



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