View part, temporary email check and gpg/pgp

Hello gents,

Just a couple of quick questions:

1) I've been trying to get balsa to give me a "view part with xxxxx"
button when an attachment is included in an email. I only get this
button on a few attachment types (like .wav). What am I missing? I
have the filetype appropriately associated within gnomecc. There must
be another step, all I see is "save part".

2) Is there anyway to do a "one time" check of a POP3 mailbox, other
than entering "settings--preferences--modify--enable check for new
mail"? I have a POP3 mailbox that I only want to check occasionally,
instead of everytime I check mail that's on my MAIN server. In Eudora
I could just hold down the shift key when clicking "get mail", and it
would allow me to select another mailbox to check.

3) What's up with the search engine of our mailing list on
It hasn't worked as of late.

FWIW, I've seen alot of questions regarding GPG/PGP on this list
lately, and although I'd anxiously wait until Balsa has the capability
natively, for the meanwhile I use tkpgp which really works well. Just
thought someone else might find it interesting:

Thanks to all contributors, for a great email client!

Eric Dexter
Standards are apparently for wussy boys like us. Real men do whatever
the hell they want and then get all ALL CAPS on us when people
complain. -- Chris Dent

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