Re: balsa 1.2.0 (with filters, pcre and openssl) on Solaris 8/x86

On 2001.10.04 16:11 James McPherson wrote:

> Emmanuel's filters, even though I applied the patches before running
> configure, seemed to lose about half a dozen dependencies in the Makefile
> -
> I haven't hacked the inputs to a configure-generated Makefile before so I
> just hit the Makefile instead. I'd appreciate some guidance on how to get
> this fixed at the start.

Here I reply blindly, but I think you forgot to make an "" after
patching the tree, but before running configure (My patches add several new
source files). You can also just type automake on the root of the source
tree after patching and before running configure.
Hope it helps.
If not tell me I'll dig a bit more.

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