Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-1.2.2

On 2001.11.06 23:07 Jim Mayer wrote:
> Thank you!
> I've noticed one problem so far.  I'm using a version I just compiled 
> (using the default "configure" options) on RH7.7 and have attached 
> the output of "ldd" just in case that's helpful.
> If I create a "mbox" everything works beautifully (thanks!) EXCEPT 
> that my "Inbox" mailbox disappears from the mailbox list.  The file 
> is fine, and reappears happily if I exit and restart Balsa.  I 
> suspect that the fact that my "Inbox" folder is at the top of the 
> list is relevant.
> -- Jim

I saw something similar: create a local maildir mailbox, and both my 
POP3 server and my IMAP server didn't reappear in the rescan.  Balsa 
was displaying over an X-connection at the time, so I thought it might 
have been caused by unusual delays, but your report suggests that it 


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