[PATCH] handle mailboxes with subdirectories in MH.

  I was playing with balsa, and liked it, but it has a problem with
the concept of nested mailboxes used by MH. MH will mix messages
and subdirectories under the same directory (happily). Balsa simply
lost those mailboxes...

  The patch below is against the "HEAD" branch from CVS. It adds an
extra static routine to the folder-walking so that when an MH mailbox
is encountered it will traverse subdirectories. Since there seemed to be
an assumption running around in the code about mailboxes _not_
having subdirectories within them, I made a duplicate name for each
mailbox encountered as a folder. (I.e. there are now two entries in the
tree with the same name, one as a folder, and one as a mailbox).

  It is minimally tested (I'm running with it).


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