Re: Insert signature patch

On 2001-05-15 14:08 Daniel Foster wrote:
> I've created this patch (against current CVS) to add an 'Insert
> Signature'
> item to the edit menu in the New Message window.  It does exactly what
> you'd expect.  I wasn't quite sure where to put the menu item, so I'm
> totally open to suggestions on that, but apart from that it seems to
> work fine for me.

This stuff, together with balsa-overwriteaddress-patch is in cvs, in
libESMTP and HEAD branches.

If there are no major problems with the libESMTP branch, we will release
balsa-1.1.5 really soon(TM) (within couple of days). It would be good to
update the documentation, in particular help/C/balsa.sgml and README
files to describe recent changes.

Has anybody tested libESMTP against connection timeout (it is just a
nice property :-)?


Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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