Re: Local characters

Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2001-03-28 17:05 Dmitri Pogosyan wrote:
> > I noticed the same. But also, it seems that the messages
> > written in Balsa in KOI-8 are displayed by Balsa correctly
> > (I tried to send message for myself and was able to read it),
> > but 'outside' messages are not.
> Can you identify the problem source? Do the messages have the same
> content-type? Are characters encoded differently?

ok, I've got it! :)
It seems problem is in gdk_fontset_load or about. I add after each call
of this function fnt=NULL; in balsa-message.c, so ,as I can understand,
font was dropped to Gnome default. And all russian chars are properly
visible now ,well, in default font. Unfortunatily, I nave no knowledge
about GTK/GDK programming, so cant dig deeper.
Regards, Jaroslaw

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