Re: Local characters

I noticed the same. But also, it seems that the messages 
written in Balsa in KOI-8 are displayed by Balsa correctly
(I tried to send message for myself and was able to read it),
but 'outside' messages are not.


Jaroslaw Gerin wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Did somebody met the problem with incorrect displaying of non-european
> characters (e.g. russian) in received messages?
> Well, then I receive a message, written in KOI8-R, I can read it in prewiew
> window with 8-bit cutted off (as a latin chars). And the same if I open
> this message in separate window. Nevertheless, in the message list I can
> see subjects in russian, as well as if I write message I can do it in
> russian without any problems.
> System: RedHat 7.0, gtk+ 1.2.8-7, Balsa 1.1.2 built from sourcecode.
> regards, Jaroslaw Gerin,
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