Re: crashing

On 2001-03-20 19:15 Brandon Sewell wrote:
> Im sorry i don't have time to sit down and read every README for every
> program on my system. Anyway... I still get the same errors.

(aside: That's right, although reading README is faster for most of the
people than posting to a mail list; anyway, my impression is that it
reading this file wouldn't help you). 

The true reason of the crash (IHMO, though; I am not 100% sure) is that
your gtk is compiled with debugging off (haven't you changed something
in this respect recently?) and balsa tries to access
balsa_app.main_window in code called from the initialization druid. I
recall some warning messages that we should get rid of. You can try
renaming/removing ~/.gnome/balsa and go through the initialization
procedure once again.

PS. I remember some warnings that libbalsa_address is NULL - I think we
should add getting rid of such stuff to our TODO list.
Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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