Re: Killing the whole system

System specs include:

SuSE 6.3
XFree 4.0.2
Gnome 1.2 (mostly the latest Ximian packages)
Kernel 2.4.1
I am not sure which version of glibc I am running 
(not at my computer right now)
Balsa 1.1.1

I upgraded Balsa and the Kernel right around the same time.  Never experienced
the problem prior to the upgrades.  Do you think it could be a Kernel error? 
I have been planning to upgrade to 2.4.2 but haven't had the chance yet.

Like I said, it seems to be some sort of race condition.  I also run asmail.
Is it possible that if asmail and balsa try to read the mail files at the same time that a race condition could occur?

Thanks again,


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Date:  Tue, 20 Mar 2001 14:42:55 +0000
From:  Carlos Morgado <>
Subject:  Re: Killing the whole system
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On 2001.03.20 14:40:00 +0000 Julian M Catchen wrote:
> All,
> I have now had this happen several times, while using Balsa 1.1.1.
> On startup, when I attempt to either open a mailbox or compose a new
> message, Balsa hangs my entire system. The mouse doesn't move, can't switch
> to another virtual termainal, can't kill the Xserver, nothing.
> When it dies, it always leaves the hard drive light bright red as if it was
> trying to read or write fromteh hard disk and encountered some type of race
> condition.
> Anyone know anything about this?  Anyone had a similar experience?

No! This ShouldNotHappen in unix at all :) Could you post more details ?
(distro, kernel, gcc, libc, gnome) 

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