Several identities


I don't know if a lot of people have the same needs as I have, so I'd like
people to say if they would be interested in multiple identities in balsa,
such as it exists in Eudora (it is called Personnalities)

Let me explain further what I need : 
I use 3 emails : one for work, one for my personnal mail, and a third one
to subscribe to web sites, etc...

I would like Balsa to give me the possibility to edit mail accounts for
each email address (as I see it, each account would have a inbox and an
outbox folder, and would offer the possibility to add mail folders). But
this is not the most important. The most important is that I would like to
be asked for the "from" email, with a dropdown list containing my different

If a lot of people is interested, and if Balsa developpers are currently
too busy to deal with it, I think I could try to do it, but I will need
some help to understand how balsa works, and which files deals with the
"account" thing, etc.

Let me know if u are interested, and if such features are part of the
developpment plans


PS : I'd like to all of you to excuse me for my english.... :)

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