[PATCH] mblist selection update


Here's a patch to correct the selection not being updated when the notebook
tabs are switched.
I had to add a 

   GtkCTreeNode *currently_selected_ctree_node;

member in BalsaMBList. This way, when notebook_switch_page_cb is called and
tries to select a row,
it first looks if this row is selected in the ctree, and the selection bar
is not cleared (because of being
selected twice - with a button press and then with
balsa_mblist_focus_mailbox). Unfortunately the docs
don't mention any way to know the selected row with the ctree, so i keep it
in currently_selected_ctree_node
and upadte it when mouse button is pressed and when
balsa_mblist_focus_mailbox is called.

If this is not ok, please let me know...

Sorry if I'm not explaining well - english is not my native language...


  -- Rached


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