Re: Quoted color bug

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, [ISO-8859-1] Jacob Ilsų Christensen wrote:
> Hi.
> I discovered a bug (newest CVS) related to the coloring of quoted messages.
> In balsa-app.h MAX_QUOTED_COLOR is defined to be 4. An array,
> balsa_app.quoted_color, with 4 entries is then used to hold the quote
> colors. In the preferences when changing quote colors, entry 0 and max-1
> (i.e. 3) are changed. But when showing colors in a message entry 0 and 1
> are used. A quick fix would be just to redefine MAX_QUOTED_COLOR to 2. But
> the preferences should probably have an option to define the number of
> quote colors as well as dynamically updating the number of color pick
> buttons.

The array of colours is a gradient defined by the two end colours selected
in the preferences dialog box.  The elements are generated by the
make_gradient function in src/expand-alias.c.  This may not be working
properly, as I have not looked at this area under a debugger recently,
however nothing has changed in the file in quite a while. 


Matthew Guenther                       Post proelium, praemium.                     	[After the battle, the reward.]

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