Re: Problem with Balsa (libESMTP) ?

On Fri,  1 June 14:04 Hidic Anel wrote:
| Hello,
| I tried to compile example program but it returned some kind of
| liblxxx.xx
| unrecognized format error.

Can't help with building the example without precise error reports.

| And these are the error I get when trying to send mail :
| error : SMTP error 53 envelope recipient adress
| invalid
| (#5.7.1)
| error : SMTP error 54 RCPT first (#5.5.1)

SMTP status codes have three digits, not two and neither of these
messages are in the format reported to Balsa from libESMTP.

However deducing from the extended status codes you give, 5.7.1 means
you are not authorised to send to that recipient. You got 5.5.1 because
none of the recipients were accepted.

I tried telnet to the server in question and it does not advertise the
AUTH extension.  This suggests you must authenticate using POP first
then send using SMTP.  Have you configured Balsa to retrieve mail from
that server properly?  On occasion it can take a few minutes for the
SMTP server to react to authentication with POP.

This is a problem with the SMTP server, not Balsa or libESMTP.

| Same error when trying with "" etc ...
| If I have to receive mail from account first to actually identify
| myself to
| the system,
| I must say that I already tried that ... ( receiving before sending )
| On Windows when I try to send mail without recieving it just pops up
| pasword
| window and message is sent ... In Balsa there is login-password field
| for

libESMTP uses the AUTH extension.  It does not use the POP before SMTP
hack since that would require it to have a POP client too.

Maybe Balsa should implement some level of support for the authenticate
POP - submit with SMTP approach.  Opinions anyone?

| So I think that is not the problem, or at least it should not be the
| problem

I agree it should not be the problem.  However ISPs need to run
compliant MTAs instead of using nonstndard hacks to solve it properly.
SMTP AUTH was designed to avoid precisely this situation but everyone
but ISPs use it despite the fact that many MTAs implement this extension
(even M$ Exchange).

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