Re: Balsa + Bcc messages

On Mon, 16 July 15:27 Eric Dexter wrote:

> Personally, I'm not sure why someone would want a copy of EVERY email
> they sent out, but even if they did, doesn't the "sentbox" take care
> of this? (in other words, do we really need this functionality?)

Although I don't do this at present, I have in the past mailed myself
a copy of messages to get them into the Cyrus IMAP server, which runs
as a "sealed" server.  (It could have been done with IMAP I know, but
why mess around with two protocols when one will do?)

> If so, perhaps this address should not be put in the headers at all.
> If this feature really is for "archiving" sent messages, I'd think
> you'd want the headers to appear "clean", or without the clutter of
> this address. Thereby giving a true documentation of recipients.

Exactly my point.


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