Re: Balsa + Bcc messages

On 2001.07.16 03:54 Brian Stafford wrote:

> I've redone the Bcc patch to apply to the current version of Balsa
> from CVS.
> When a message has Bcc recipients, it creates the libESMTP message
> structure
> twice.  One message is distributed to the To: and Cc: recipient list
> and the
> Bcc: header is stripped by libESMTP.  This satisfies the requirement
> of not
> revealing Bcc: recipients to the primary recipients of the message.
> The second copy of the message is circulated to the Bcc: recipients
> only
> and preserves the Bcc: header.

Thanks again Brian. This was the fix for the problem I described to
the list about a month ago. I'm excited to see this implemented into

> In the identities dialogue box, there is a field for Bcc:  I assume
> this
> is intended to make a personal copy of all messages, i.e. like a
> file copy
> but sent via the MSA.  This probably doesn't do the right thing any
> more.
> Ideally this will add an extra recipient to the SMTP envelope of the
> Bcc:
> copy of the message if present, otherwise it should add the extra
> recipient
> to the To/Cc copy of the message.  It certainly should not be added
> to *any*
> recipient header, especially not the Bcc: header since this would
> cause two
> copies to be sent unnecessarily.  Just now, I'm not sure how to
> implement this.
> Any pointers (or volunteers) gratefully received.

Personally, I'm not sure why someone would want a copy of EVERY email
they sent out, but even if they did, doesn't the "sentbox" take care
of this? (in other words, do we really need this functionality?)

If so, perhaps this address should not be put in the headers at all.
If this feature really is for "archiving" sent messages, I'd think
you'd want the headers to appear "clean", or without the clutter of
this address. Thereby giving a true documentation of recipients.

Just my 2cents.

BTW, I'll take this post as an opportunity to say "thank you", and
"great job" to everyone who has contributed to Balsa. I'm very

Eric Dexter

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