checkmail hangup!


i downloaded the recent balsa v1.0.1 version,
compiled it and started it. well everything works
fine but then after pressing checkmail it hung.

so far it look like a known "user-stupidity-problem"
like RTFM. but well i have set chmod 1777 to several
directories now. i have all mailboxes and i configured
balsa correctly. but it hung, i also tried to compile
balsa with different configure options like disable-flock
etc. but it still hung. i can access my mailboxes, write
emails and save them. but i dont have any clue. i never
thought that a normal email popping programme like balsa
would make such big troubles...

i repeat. i have set the correct chmod and chown to
/var/spool/mail.. and all directories before mail
/var, /spool etc got the flags too. my "galaxy"
inbox got chmod 600 and chown galaxy.users
my other stuff in home directory aswell.. dunno...

i need urgend help because i mess with this for some
weeks now. and i have already written to the original
authors and to this messagebase before without getting
my mail postet... i hope that this will show up now..

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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