Double clicking madness

Double clicking in the message list causes all sorts of strangeness. 
Obviously it's expected behaviour is to open the message you double click
on, but there are a couple of scenarios where other things happen.

If you click on one message and then click on another within the double
click threshold time, the second message is opened as if it had been double
clicked on.

If you double click on a message within a thread to open it, it toggles the
thread-expanded status of that message (ie. collapses the thread if it's
expanded below that message or vice versa) as well as opening the message
as you'd expect.

I'm using Helix (Ximian) Gnome on RH6.2, Balsa CVS with
2001-01-13  Gediminas Paulauskas  <>
at the top of ChangeLog


Daniel Foster -

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