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On Wed, 14 Feb 2001 11:09:14 Brian Stafford wrote:
| Berend De Schouwer wrote:
| > Hi,
| > 
| > I've been looking at getting Balsa to display some of the envelope,
| > either by adding a "View->Envelope Headers" option, or by displaying
| > the raw message.  I'd like to add this to better track bounced mail
| > and spam.
| Hi folks,
| I've been following this discussion with some confusion but now the
| penny has dropped.  Having been involved with MTA development, the
| term "envelope" was confusing me since it refers to the sender and
| recipient information exchanged between MTAs in the SMTP protocol.
| Since the envelope is discarded when the message is delivered I couldn't
| see how a MUA such as Balsa could possibly view the envelope.

My mistake.  I should know better.  I got frustrated after
I couldn't get all the info I /know/ is in the mailbox.

The 'envelope' I wanted is referred to in libmutt as the
ENVELOPE structure, which contains the headers, but lacks
| Other MUAs such as Netscape simply have a "View All Headers" option
| I believe this is the correct terminology.  This seems to be the
| only effect of Mutt's 'h' command (which is described as
| "display message with full headers").
| I would request that we therefore stop referring to headers such as
| Received: as part of the message envelope, they are not.  Sometimes
| parts of the envelope are added to the message headers by the MTA which
| delivers a message, notably the Return-Path: header.
| (Received: is a trace header added to the message, not the envelope,
| by an MTA which relays or delivers the message.  It is to allow analysis
| of the path taken by a message in transit.)

Duly noted.

| > Envelope headers is available in Mutt, by pressing 'h', which
| Full headers, not Envelope headers.

This is what caused the confusion:  Balsa has a view->all headers,
but it only adds some headers, not all.  I particular it doesn't
show Received: which /is/ in the mailbox.

This, and the added confusion that in libmutt/mutt.h, there is an
ENVELOPE structure.

| I hope this is of some clarification if anybody else has been confused on
| this one.

Again, I apologize.

| Regards
| Brian
Kind regards,				  

Berend De Schouwer, +27-11-712-1435, UCS

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