yads (yet another design suggestion)

So here I am, trying to move between folders. I have over 300 folders
so its a bit difficult to scroll through this huge list. I'm in my
Inbox, then I go to my zzz folder, now I want to go back to Inbox.
I need to scroll through my list of 300 folders to find Inbox. What
would be really nice, is if I could somehow click on the mail list
window and have it pop up a menu with a "back" button. Clicking on
the back button, would take me back to my previous folder, very much
like the clicking on the back button in a brower, takes you back to
the previous page.

This feature would require setting up a nagivational stack of folders
you have visited, but would make surfing through all my various 300
folders a lot easier!

I hope this e-mail goes into your good ideas folder.

Cheers. Steve.

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