Re: configure balsa (suse 7.3 error)

On Fri, 07 Dec 2001, a Special guy wrote:

> i still get compile error on suse 7.3.
> i have double and triple checked my libesmtp installation. even tried older version of libesmtp and balsa. i have run ldconfig and checked and everything. i always get the same error, as reported by others:
> checking whether to build ESMTP support... yes
> checking for smtp_start_session in -lesmtp... no
> configure: error: *** You enabled ESMTP but esmtp library is not found.

Yes, SuSE's pspell gets in the way.

Try this workaround I reported to the list on November 4th:

rm -f config.cache
export LIBS

Or just check if my RPM works for you (it does not depend on libESMTP,
BTW, because SuSE always install MTAs),

Please be patient, the redirector is slow (but reliable).

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