SMTP Problems

I am running balsa 1.2.3 with libesmtp-0.8.7 both installed from source. 
Everything worked fine.

When I try to send email via SMTP I get the pop up dialog box: Message 
submission problem, placing it in your outbox.  System will attempt to 
resubmit the message until you delete it.

My ISP is compuserve. I have checked my mail setting very thouroughly.

I set the stmp server to -- the problem is the

I know that the compuserve smtp server works because I am sending this

When comparing the headers of an email send by netscape vs. balsa I
found a difference in the message-id:
netscape: Message-ID: <>
balsa:    Message-ID: <>
Perhaps may cause this the smtp-Problem - does  compuserve expect an
<> in the message-id?

Does anybody have any suggestions as to why this is not working?  Is it 
a bug in balsa or libesmtp or something else?  If its not a bug then how 
do I fix it?


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