Re: postpone -> attachments lost

Am 27.08.2001 19:56:55 schrieb(en) M . Thielker:
>  well, I looked through that piece of code the other day while I was looking
> for the charset problem.
> It seems that "Continue" really is a "Forward" of mail from the draftbox.

Yes, I also saw that when I looked into the code...

> So, it has all the limitations of the current implementation of "Forward",
> namely all text/* are incorporated into the new message body and all other
> parts are lost. Fix one, and the other will work.

IMHO there are tiny but important differences between "real" forward and
continue. When forwarding a message, all parts of the original message should
be attachments to the new one. There is no reason that the user changes any
part of the original, including text bodies.

In contrast with continue, the first text part will usually be changed before
sending (why else should the user postpone a mail?).

> This again makes a case for urgently implmenting "Forward" as "forward as
> is".

I am currently looking into the code and trying to find a solution. It's
already half-way finished...

Cheers, Albrecht.

    Albrecht Dreß  -  Monschauer Straße 22  -  D-53121 Bonn (Germany)
      Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -

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