Re: IMAP Issues

On 2001.08.28 08:10 Peter Johnson wrote:
> I am experiencing the following problem with Balsa (1.1.7) and IMAP
> (Courier-IMAP & Maildir).
> When I first log in I often experience "Unable to open mailbox" but if
> I
> rescan the IMAP folders then this issue will go away for some / most of
> the
> folders.

I haven't seen this--possibly a time-out problem?

> I also don't believe that it is checking the IMAP inbox
> properly. 

This code is still in flux!

> I have been using a web based mailer - SquirrelMail
> (
> and as a side note, I strongly recommend it. I include a portion of my
> mail
> log file. The 127 address is the webmail client and the 192 address is
> balsa, as can be seen Balsa is not sending a "LOGOUT" at any stage. I
> think
> that this might be causing the problems. 
> I have set Balsa to check mail every 2mins and also to close unused
> mailboxes after 1 minute.

You won't see logouts until Balsa exits. Balsa uses a separate connection for each 
open mailbox--that's why you see several logins with no matching logouts. Multiple 
connections haven't caused a problem at my Cyrus server, but ymmv!


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