Re: pre-connect and smtp ?

Le lun, 20 aoû 2001 12:43:10, Brian Stafford a écrit :
> > > Since SMTP over a SSH tunnel is an ad-hoc solution, I will not write
> any
> > > code
> > > supporting it.  Since ssmtp is hardly deployed and I can't find a RFC
> > > describing
> > > it, I am unlikely to write code to support that either.
> > [...]
> > 
> > This does not necessarily have to be in libESMTP. One could even start
> the
> > port forwarding before Balsa and just specify the forwarded port on
> > localhost as the SMTP server in Balsa. I agree that no special support
> for
> > this borderline case is required in Balsa.
> I agree that port forwarding can be started outside the program entirely.
> Since this involves no code changes to balsa or libESMTP and Un*x
> provides
> the nuts and bolts to do it I feel this is the way to implement this
> feature
> for those who need it.  I still urge against it though.

How can we initiate port forwarding outside of balsa.
In my experience, I initiate a port forwarding as a side effect of a remote
command which is generally 'sleep 5'. The port forwarding will be available
only 5 seconds but if you connect to this port during this 5 seconds, then
SSH will close the connection as soon as nobody use it.
This not-permanent port forwarding looks good to me for a remote smtp in a
I can't find a to do this outside of balsa.


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