Re: mblist fixup [PATCH]

On 2001.08.15 14:48 Ali Akcaagac wrote:


> yeah but now the numbers for 'unread' and 'total' doesnt get shown. only
> when i explicitely click on the mailbox with new mails. dunno, if your
> patch was meant to do this, i have understood it a bit different for sub-
> folders if the leaf is open or closed..... any ideas ?

Hi Ali:

Thanks for checking out the patch!

I can't duplicate the problem--I just opened my trees (local and IMAP) with
current CVS code and with the patch, and I see Unread and Total for most
mailboxes, no Unread for Sentbox, Draftbox, Outbox, and Trash (as usual).
CVS and patched versions show the same display.

What do you have in your tree? I have mboxes, some maildir local boxes, and
an imap tree. 


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