Re: File selector


On 2001.08.13 00:09 christophe barbe wrote:
> I've applied three patches and enabled the feature during the configure.
> I've never seen the dialog box. The first timee I get the following
> message
> :
> ** CRITICAL **: file balsa-message.c: line 377 (save_part): assertion `bm
> != NULL' failed.
Have you applied the html-fix? this message will appear when you try to save
the html-part of an email with gtkhtml enabled and you haven't applied the
html-fix patch (2nd fileselector patch)

> and see nothing.
> Thee second time, I get this message : 
> OAFIID:GNOME_FileSelector!AcceptDirectories=False;Application=balsa;LocalURIsOnly=True;MultipleSelection=False;
> and balsa freeze.

This is the interface moniker for oaf... after you installed the packages
(oaf, eel, file-selector), did you move all files from /usr/local/share/oaf/
to /usr/share/oaf/?
Does the test program (supplied with the file selector) work? If that
doesn't work, there a corba/oaf problem....


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