Re: IMAP mailbox closing error message

On 2001-04-19 10:30 Bob Myers wrote:
> Hi.  I am glad to see the improved IMAP support in recent Balsa
> versions.  However, I have a request related to IMAP mailbox closing
> issues.  In the current 1.1.3 version I am using to access an IMAP
> server, if I go away for more than x minutes, the next time I return
> to Balsa, and try to look at a mailbox, or transfer a message to a
> mailbox, it gives me an error dialog to the effect that the IMAP
> connection has timed out and been closed.  The IMAP connection having
> been closed is fine, but that shouldn't make me stop, look at a
> dialog, click an OK button, then do over again what I did in the first
> place. 

Your comments make sense although balsa currently cannot handle off-line
IMAP, and a broken connection means that the changes to the mailbox are
lost - and user should be informed about it.

I usually enable "Mail Options/Incoming/Check mail automatically" with
timeout shorter than 30 minutes to ping the active IMAP connections. You
may also consider disabling the automatic mailbox closing. I hope this
solves your problems.

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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