Re: a little bit building

On 2001.04.06 20:43 Eric Dexter wrote:
> On 2001.04.06 12:05 Se-Viaton-Noita wrote:
> //snip

> I had the same problem with my compose window being too wide. I took a
> "shot-gun" approach to it to fix it. I really think the "cause" of it
> was my tinkering with the fonts and the "outgoing message wrap"
> setting. But, even undoing these didn't help. What finally worked for
> me, was to delete the ~/.gnome/balsa directory. Then the window looked
> fine.
> I did go back in, and tinker with the fonts...changing them to
> "helvetica (adobe)" 15pt, and set the wrap to "70" so now I'm happy,
> and the screen looks fine on my 1024x768 display (although it's still
> not resizeable widthwise).

> Hope this helps.
> -- 
> Eric Dexter
Yes, it workd. -untill I modifided fonts. The minimum size of compose
window depends of the fonts I use.
That was the point!!

The helvetica don't work fine with me...-doesn't matter...
-I saw do matter with wrapping or not...


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