Re: Commits and releases (the Master of Heap)

On Sep 24 2000 10:25 Rob Shinn wrote:
> Hi.  I'm new to the list and know people will probably ignore my ranting
> and raving as a result, but I really, really hate it when people name the
> successor of a version 0.9 as 0.10, for two reasons:  1)  it looks like an
> initial release, at least until you look through the historical versions
> and realize that were 9 or more versions before it and 2) am I the only
> software developer on the planet these days that realizes that 0.9 > 0.10?
> (and if so, how did these people learn programming? :)  Just curious. :)

Who said a program's version number was in any way a decimal number? Is 0.9.5 >
0.10? :-P


 Matthew Guenther                     Nothing motivates a man more than to                   see his boss put in an honest day's   work.

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