gtkhtml - stupid install question...

	Hello.  I want to use the gtkhtml but I'm having all kinds of problems
getting it installed.  I understand this isn't the gtkhtml list so if you have a
place where I can find some *useful* documentation point me in the right
direction please.  What happens is that for gtkhtml I need bonobo support and for
bonobo I need Oaf.  I install Oaf fine but when I try to install bonobo, it can't
find the oaf libraries.  I'm guessing that oaf needs to be compiled into gnome-core
but I'm using Helix-gnome rpms - Is this the problem?  Anyway if anyone would
like to help me out I would be much appreciated.  Thanks...

David W. Jablonski
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Systems Administrator

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