Re: New IDL

On Thu, 07 Sep 2000 10:31:44 Ian Campbell wrote:
> > > You have a way to construct a message and send it, but a way to just pop
> > > up the balsa compose window would arguably be more useful.
> > > 
> > 
> > i want to be able to send mail from my pilot, ence no user interaction :)
> > hum. that needs some thought
> might as well have both then, leave what you have and add another function
> to popup the compse window. Perhaps an interface which refers to the app
> could contain this and the check all function etc.
nod. they should come for free from what i remeber of libbalsa funcs

module GNOME {
  module Balsa {
	interface Balsa { 

module GNOME {
  module Balsa {
or should something there be called "Mail" ? or should be a property of the
interface (in bobonospeak if i'm not mistaken)

> BTW - the attachments attribute is a string, perhaps it needs to be a list

> (sequence in CORBA parlance I think) of strings, or even a list of octet
> sequences or something?
the attach stuff has issues and is prety much a placehold now. prolly, corba
and network speaking what i need is to pass the whole attachments, not
to them. this sounds miserably like Bonobo::Stream. i have to look into this.

> The same could apply to the body and stuff, an octet sequence might be
> more useful.. Might be worth looking at Bonobo::PersistStream and friends
yup .. 

> - it would make sense to reuse stuff if it fits, in the future I hope to
> make BalsaMessage embed Bonobo controls for displaying attachments, so the
oh. i looked at bonobo and did without it to keep the extra weight down but
sounds like it's a necessity to keep stuff simple

> dependncy on bonobo isn't a huge problem (since bonobo will be part of
> core gnome by the time that happens..)
it will ? ok. good.

> Whats the CORBA support on a palm like? or do you use a conduit which then
> speaks CORBA to balsa?
gnome-pilot has corba stuff to put dbs on the palm and get the status of the
daemon and such. this would be a conduit that drives balsa. sync mail, get 
unread messages from balsa mailbox(s), send mail in pilot's outbox.
everything on gnome-pilot is modular as conduits except for the core stuff 
like pilot-link and UI and such.

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