Problems with HTML

I was using balsa for a short time. I'd still use it, but I had one BIG
problem. When I received some mails, I only was able to read the header and
then there was a notice like "--HTML--" which seemed to be marked. But I
wasn't able to have a look at the message itself. So, there were a lot of
mails I couldn't read. And that is not very usefull.

So, if there's somebody able to tell me, what I did wrong or what my problem
is (what I have to configure different) ?

Hope someone can help.
Thanks a lot,


PS: I just sent that message some days ago, but I had some difficulties with
my account here and so it was forwarded to the moderator, coz it seemed that
I was not member of the list, or something like that. Hope it made no
trouble at all. Sorry!

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