messages that are not in plain text

I'm receiving MIME digests from a mailing list. Some messages have both a
text and a html part (same content in both), however Balsa shows them as
separate files, as if they came from different messages. StarOffice, for
instance, shows you both parts so you can click on whichever you want to
see, and Eudora hides the html in the header part of the message and
displays plain text by default.
I think that Balsa should change this behaviour, although I'm not favoring
any other in particular right now.

And another easy one: I happened to receive one or two messages which i
think are in Eudora rich text format (with tags like <center> <bold>
<italic>). Instead of trying to use another application (as defined in
Gnome MIME) Balsa displayed the content (it is plain text after all). Is
this because the messages were not marked as application/x-whatever? If
this is not the case, it should be easy for Balsa to just strip the tags
and leave the plain text as is, which should ease the readability. 

PS: what is this feature freeze thing? Does it mean that you're
concentrated on fixing bugs for an immediate stablew release or that Balsa
development is freezed for good? 


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