Trouble with spellchecker

Dear Balsites,

I am using Balsa 1.0.0 with Mandrake 7.2, and having problems with the
spell check feature. First, I tried installing aspell and pspell from
source, and could not get it to work. When I click on 'Check Spelling' I
get a nice little dialog that says, 'Unable to load the "aspell" module'.
So I went and downloaded the RPMs linked to from the aspell home page:
(and the correspondong -devel versions)

And spell check was working (cool interface!). However, I wanted to check
out a later version and found that it comes with Mandrake 7.2, so I
installed these RPMs:


And spell checking no longer worked (same dialog). Has anybody gotten the
spell check feature to work with Mandrake 7.2 rpms, or from source!? Any

Terence Haddock

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