a patch for message threadings

Hi there,

Here is a patch, which adds the message threading support to balsa 1.0.0.
To apply this patch, another patch
is required.

For example, try following steps,
  $ tar xIf balsa-1.0.0.tar.bz2
  $ cd balsa-1.0.0
  $ patch -p1 < /tmp/balsa-1.0.0-speed.diff
  $ patch -p1 < /tmp/balsa-1.0.0-threading.diff
  $ automake src/Makefile
  $ ./configure
  $ make
  $ src/balsa

Since my last patch to balsa 1.0 pre5,
critical bugs have been fixed. 
However, there must be bugs and also you may find weird behaviors.
For example, jwz's message threading algorhithm hardly depends on 
the order of Message-IDs in References header, but some MUAs ignore 
rules defined in RFC and messages from them will confuse message threading
trees. It may be worth trying yet another message threading function in 
this patch. It is very simple and it has been stable. 
Check src/balsa-index-threading.c

ymnk, JCraft Inc., mailto: ymnk@jcraft.com

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