Re: Compose window - to address entry wierdness.

> > Probably me... this tends to annoy me on a daily basis, so it _will_
> get
> > fixed. :-)

It annoys me too. 

> As the author of the *cough* broken *cough* alias expansion, it annoys me
> too.  I've been meaning to fix it for the last three weeks, but I never
> got around to it.  Excuses, excuses :).  I may actually try again
> tonight.

Has anyone considered the way galeon does it (it is optional in galeon), if
you press tab then a popup window appears which contains all possible
completions and you may use Up and Down to select the one you want, this
way there is no munging with the content of the edit box, typeing simply
works as normal, but will reduce the number of options in the drop down.

> The code is broken as designed, I believe.
> There are three identified problems:
> * keys (',', tab, end, ...) have to do different things, depending on
> what
>   happened previously (it did or did not expand an alias, user used mouse
>   to move the cursor, etc.) but the code doesn't keep proper track of
>   the state.
> * It uses "select" to highlight the text.  This is bad.  It breaks
>   cut-and-paste, and reacts counter-intuitivily to backspace and
>   delete.
> * It needs to load the whole addressbook into GCompletion().  This is
>   fine for a local addressbook, but is bad for big LDAP books.  It
>   should wrap around ldap_search().

For this I believe a search method should be added to LibBalsaAddressBook,
then it can be implemented by the subclasses (using GCompletion for the
VCard book and ldap_search for the LDAP one.)


Ian Campbell
Churchill College, Cambridge.

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