"(null) no longer exists" on every mail send (1.0pre5 rpm)


  I just upgraded with the 1.0pre5 rpm for Linux i386. I'm set up to use a
remote SMTP server. Before the upgrade, I had sent mail to a bad address.
Now, for every mail I send, I get a Balsa Information window with a list of
"(null) no longer exists" messages. I don't know where the history of the
bad message is stored, but my outbox is now full of messages with the same
(wrong) address and subject, but with no body. Also, for every message, the
SMTP converstion is printed to stdout, which isn't appropriate for a GUI
tool like this.

  Plus, I saw on the list that the IMAP without initial mailbox icons had a
patch submitted, but it wasn't integrated yet.

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