Re: Storing Addresses

On 31-May-2000 FITZSIMMONS THOMAS wrote:
> It would be great if the programs could communicate. Like I
> said in a previous post, it would be ideal if I could open
> up a GnomeCard "Add" window and fill the relevant fields
> with sensible defaults. I don't know if this is possible
> though, with no support for bonobo in GnomeCard. Do you have
> any suggestions on this?

I was just thinking of some ORBit communication, but this is
actually quite far from my specialties...I was just pointing
out a danger in case it was being ignored.  I think your
solution below is the best for the short-term.

> In the meantime (before balsa switches from GnomeCard to use
> Evolution) I am working on not allowing the user to add an
> entry to the address book if there is an instance of
> GnomeCard running.

Nathan Clegg

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